Flag Design Contest

The WLTC Flag Design Contest has been deferred due to an insufficient number of entries.

As we celebrate 135 years of existence, WLTC is sponsoring a contest to design a flag of our very own!


Enter your creative design for the WLTC Flag
Winning Design to be announced at the 2016 AGM in November

*Contest open to WLTC Members only

To be considered an eligible entry, every submitted design MUST:

  • be original
  • incorporate the current WLTC crest (download from the website)
  • use the WLTC colours 
    • Green: CMYK- 71%/15%/96%/39%; RGB- 11/83/1; HSB- 113%/99%/33%; HEX- 0B5301
    • White and Yellow: not established
  • use standard rectangular shape and standard flag proportions of 1:1.5 (i.e. one and one half times longer in length than height)
  • be submitted in full colour
  • conform to best practices flag design principles (simple, meaningful, distinctive)
  • include an explanation of the design
  • be received by Midnight September 30, 2016

Designs may be hand-drawn or digitally produced
Only one Design per entry is allowed*

To submit a hard copy: 

  • Design must be on white paper (8 1/2 x 11 or 8 1/2 x 14)
  • On reverse side of design, include your full name, telephone number, email address
  • In a sealed envelop, drop off your entry at WLTC office during Club hours, or mail to: Winnipeg Lawn Tennis Club, Box 23009 McGillivray Post Office, 1295 Pembina Hwy, Winnipeg, MB R3T 5S3


To submit by email: 

  • Design on white background must be sent as a PDF attachment
  • In the body of the email message, include your full name and telephone number (Your name must not appear on the design.)
  • Send to: flagcontest@wltc.ca

*You may enter more than once, but each design must be submitted separately. If multiple designs are submitted in the same entry, only one, selected at random, will be considered.

The winning design will become the sole property of WLTC to edit and reproduce as required

Download the logo by clicking the image below...

Download the logo here

Download the logo here