The Winnipeg Lawn Tennis Club promotes an experience that allows all members, staff, visitors and guests to play tennis in a safe and enjoyable manner. These Club Rules are examples of practices that members, players, visitors and guests should follow that help to achieve that experience. 

These rules are by no means all inclusive. As new and unique situations develop, members are encouraged to find solutions to issues in a prompt and amicable manner. If the solutions cannot be readily agreed to between the members, members are to immediately refer the issue to staff on duty for resolution. WLTC staff will in turn promptly refer the issue to the Executive for review at their earliest convenience. WLTC members are also encouraged to bring concerns that threaten the safety and/or enjoyment of tennis to the attention of any member of the Executive at an appropriate time.


Dress Code

  • Players must wear suitable tennis attire and shoes when playing. Blue jeans, cut-offs and muscle shirts (or no shirt) are not permitted.

  • Only non-marking tennis shoes (i.e., that won't leave streaks of color on the courts) are allowed on the courts.

WLTC Weather Policy

  • Members are required to exit the court area when weather conditions make it unsafe to play. WLTC staff may also require members to cease play and will inform members when play can resume on the courts.

  • While there is some latitude for discretion, generally the WLTC will be open only if temperature exceeds 7 degrees.

Assignment of Courts and the Court Rotation Board

  • Please refer to the club schedule and the instructions posted beside the Court Rotation Board or refer to the club website or

  • ask one of the staff or other members for assistance in filling out the Court Rotation Board.

  • If you do not post your start-time, you run the risk of being bumped off at any time so please...DON’T FORGET!!

  • Relinquish the court when bumped.

  • Junior members are subject to special time periods and situations in which they can play as noted below. Student members do not have limited time periods.

Junior Memberships

  • If there are empty courts Juniors can play anytime.

  • If all courts are full and it is between 8am-noon (all days) or after 5pm (Monday-Friday), Adult and Student Members have priority over Junior Members. If Juniors are playing during this time, they can only be bumped when their time has expired.

  • A Junior Member with an Adult Member can bump on courts 10 - 11 regardless of the hour if the time on the Rotation Board has expired – except during special events.

  • Student Members have the same court access rights as Adult Members.


  • If any court activity poses an increased safety risk to adjoining tennis courts, participants may be required to move to a more isolated court (being courts 1, 2, 9, 10, or 11). Determination of when any particular tennis activity needs to be confined to certain isolated court, and which court, is in the sole discretion of club staff.

  • A maximum of one can of tennis balls may be used on each court when members or guests are playing on either of the adjoining courts. When practicing and using many balls, play should be moved to a more isolated court.

Conduct on the Court and at the Club

  • Please use the gate nearest to the court that you will be playing on. Never walk behind another court while it is occupied, even if the players are between points.

  • Tennis equipment should be placed where it will not impede play. Unsealed beverage containers are not allowed on the court (water bottles are OK).

  • Dangerous or violent racquet or ball throwing, abusive language or behavior will not be tolerated. Correct behavior should be displayed at all times. Members whose behaviour is deemed inappropriate may be asked by management to leave the Club and may have their membership privileges suspended.

Guests & Visitors

  • Guests have all of the same privileges and must follow the same rules and etiquette as members. Guest access may be restricted due to Club events and programming as we have a limited number of courts.

  • Visitors are non-playing guests. While at WLTC, visitors must abide by the appropriate Club Rules.


All members should show courtesy and consideration for others while on and off the courts. Please follow these guidelines. It is the obligation of every player to learn, know and understand the rules. Play within the spirit of the best traditions of the game and have fun!    
August 2012 WLTC