Ladder Registration is now open!

Registration for Singles and Doubles Ladders is now open! Register by Saturday June 11.

Sign into your WLTC Account and register your name for Singles, Doubles or Mixed Doubles.


  1. Scroll down on the Home Page to "Singles Tennis Ladder" or "Doubles Tennis Ladder".
  2. Click on "Register" and enter your name.
  3. You will receive an email notifying you of your acceptance to the Ladder.
  4. View Applicants List to see other Member entries.
  5. Set up your own Matches.

We are trying a new Box Ladder format. Depending on the number of entries, Players will be grouped in "Boxes" based on self ranked levels. Matches are played for a month in each Box. At the end of the month, the Ladder will move - top 2 Players of each Box move up to the next Box level and the bottom 2 Players move down to the lower Box level. Each month is a fresh round of play. 


  1. All Players must be Members of the WLTC. 
  2. Players can enter the Ladder at any time.  
  3. Matches are full sets - best of 3 sets. (Full third set) 
  4. Points are given as follows: 3 points for a Win; 1 point for Loss; 0 point for No Show. 
  5. If a match is incomplete due to rain, it will count as an incomplete match and no points will be awarded until the Players complete the match. 
  6. If a Player must retire from a match for any reason, his/her opponent is granted the win. The retiree will be granted 1 point. 
  7. If a Player is consistently rejecting challenges, he/she will be removed from the Ladder. 
  8. The winner is responsible for reporting the score online.
  9. To report a score, sign into your Account, Click on "Tennis Ladders" ; Click on "Enter Score"
  10. Do not report the score to the Pros or leave a message with any Club Staff.
  11. BONUS POINTS: Bonus points will be given to Players who play matches with all the Members in their Box Ladder.

The Box Ladder will depend on the number of entries. Currently, there are Men's and Ladies Singles and Doubles ladders. However, if there are not enough entries to form a Box Ladder then the Men's and Ladies may be combined based on ranking. 

Sign up for the Ladder(s) by June 11. You will be notified once the Ladders have been set up. Then you can start playing matches!

Your feedback to this Ladder format would be greatly appreciated. Your suggestions to make these Ladders fun to play or run more smoothly are welcomed. Please send your comments to