Kids/Progressive tennis

Kids Tennis is the most effective way to learn tennis from a young age. In order to aid development, Kids Tennis uses modified equipment designed for kids. Endorsed by Tennis Canada, we used smaller balls, smaller courts, and right-sized racquets for teaching Kids Tennis. By learning tennis using these methods, kids progress quicker through the stages of development and form good habits from a young age. Most importantly, Kids Tennis allows more rallies, and more FUN!

How long has Kids Tennis been around?
Kids Tennis is relatively new in Canada. Previously it was endorsed as “Progressive Tennis” in Canada. Kids Tennis has been around much longer in strong tennis nations such as France and other European countries. 

Why should kids play on a smaller court?
Using a smaller court enables kids to play the game according to their size. Kids can develop their tennis game using similar tactics as a full court, which will make it easier to progress to a full court once they grow. Kids will be able to use a full court game from a young age and have longer rallies.

Why should kids use modified tennis balls?
Modified tennis balls allow children to play the game with the proper technique from a young age. Slower balls that bounce lower put the ball in the appropriate strike zone for younger players (around waist height).

Why should kids use modified racquets?
The proper length and weight of a tennis racquet gives the player more control with the ball. Using modified racquets prevent injuries from developing because the racquet is suited for kids. 

Kids Tennis is endorsed by Tennis Canada & Tennis Manitoba.